5G Brain Beam

From Drake Panzer
A 5G brain beam antenna in the wild. Can you spot it?

The 5G brain beam is a secret government project to influence its citizens' actions. Based on previous research by the United States military, this technology uses powerful EM radiation to manipulate brain chemistry.

Research and Development

Nothing is known about the R&D of the brain beam, but it probably was developed after Area 51 built their barracks too close to their mess hall.

Public Exposure

There are a few times that the brain beam project has accidentally been exposed to the public.

Mars Bluff Incident

A diagram of the location of the incident.

In 1958, a nuclear weapon fell out of a B-47 strategic bomber over Mars Bluff, South Carolina. The bomb, which lacked the fissile nuclear core, fell over the area, causing damage to buildings below. Six people were injured by the explosion of the bomb's conventional explosive load.

What a lot of people don't understand is that nuclear bombs are incapable of detonating only the conventional explosive. It's all or nothing, the bomb either creates a nuclear explosion or doesn't. So clearly this was not a nuclear weapon that fell on the bluff. What really fell out of the bomber was a prototype brain beam emitter. The explosion was caused by the device's self-destruct mechanism which worked flawlessly. For more info, see Mars_Bluff_Incident.pdf.

The government is still covering this event up and hiding the true nature of this incident. As seen in the file National_guard_intel_activities.pdf, leaked in early 2019, the national guard was instructed to undertake intelligence operations to suppress civil investigations into the incident.

Cell Tower Fires

A brain beam antenna bursts into flames after accidentally overloading its power supply.

Almost 80 mobile towers have been burned down due to "false coronavirus conspiracy theories that blame the spread of COVID-19 on 5G". Well, yes, the theories are false, but they are covering up something bigger. 5G towers require a mobile device to receive a very strong signal from the tower which requires many towers as to get the best signal potential. So many towers makes it easy for the government to mass-deploy their brain beam tech on an unwitting population. Unfortunately, there was a major flaw in the design: the device requires much more power than anticipated. Such a high power draw overloads the tower's power supply creating a catastrophic overload. That's why so many towers are going up in flames.

To cover this up, the government has once again taken control of the mass media and is pushing the narrative that this is the work of crazy conspiracy theorists, but that's another issue that I won't get into here.


The 5G brain beam can be completely nullified by covering one's head in radiation-blocking material. I've noticed a difference wearing a tinfoil hat.

Tinfoil hat.jpg