From Drake Panzer

Game 42.14 Use of more than one room for one bingo game. More than one room may be used by the players in any game only if each player in each additional room has immediate access to a method which will immediately inform the caller and all other players in all other rooms that a bingo has been called.

Game 42.15 Bingo occasions co-sponsored by more than one organization. A bingo occasion may be co-sponsored by 2 or more organizations, but the aggregate value of all prizes awarded at a bingo occasion may not exceed $1,000 regardless of the number of organizations co-sponsoring the occasion.

Game 42.16 Multiple bingo occasions at one location on one day. Any number of bingo occasions may be held at any one location on any one day, but all games of each bingo occasion must be completed before any game of the next bingo occasion may commence. Each bingo occasion shall be completely separate from each other bingo occasion which precedes it.

  1. Before any occasion begins, the sponsoring organization must announce which organization is sponsoring that occasion, and how many individual games are part of that occasion. Each sponsoring organization must make such an announcement before beginning the first game of an occasion which immediately follows or precedes an occasion sponsored by any other organization at the same place.
  2. Each organization sponsoring an occasion which immediately follows or precedes an occasion sponsored by any other organization at the same place must use a different color admission card and different colors for each of its special games than the colors used by any other organization.
  3.  No person may be required to purchase more than one admission card to be admitted to a place where more than one occasion is to be held, and every person admitted may choose which organization's admission card to purchase and which occasion to participate in whenever there is a series of occasions being held at the same place. No person may participate in any occasion for which the person has not purchased an admission card.

Game 42.17 Verification of receipts. Unless a sponsoring organization has an alternative security system in place that has been approved by the department, the organization's supervising member at a bingo occasion shall count the receipts from the occasion immediately after the occasion, before leaving the place where the occasion is held. The supervising member's count of the receipts shall be verified by a separate count by at least 2 other members of the organization in attendance at the occasion immediately after the occasion and before leaving the place the occasion is held.

Game 42.18 Prohibited bingo premises. A bingo occasion shall not be conducted at any premise owned, operated or controlled by an organization or person to which any of the following applies:

  1.  The person or organization has been convicted of a felony and has not received a pardon or been released from parole, extended supervision or probation for at least 5 years.
  2.  The person or organization is in default on any payment required under this chapter, or ch. 563, Stats.
  3.  The person or organization is liable for delinquent taxes, as certified by the department of revenue under s. 73.0301, Stats.
  4.  The person or organization is a licensed bingo supplier.